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Reusable protection for damageable materials

EPP load bearers have been protecting damageable materials for years: varnished, polished and partly highly sensitive components – especially in the automobile industry – are being embedded with a custom fit on the inner layer.  In this way you are optimally protected and arrive damage-free at the building site. The load bearers themselves commute many hundreds of times between supplier and automobile manufacturer.  A perfect reusable transport material system.

The EPP particle foam is optimally suited to this purpose. dualdensity web
For a long time now, we have been making use of the resilience of the material, which is crucial for the safe reception of the components. We have worked with EPP since the end of the 1980s. 

Today we are still concerned with load bearers and we always continually develop our solutions, also in this area. For a long time, we have had oversized load bearers in our portfolio, as well as EPP of different degrees of hardness within the container (Dual Density) and reusable containers with gaps in the bottom for the optimal stacking capacity of components with special geometries.