Klimatizační technika

Air conditioning is the technology of the future

Modern buildings are optimally insulated and constructed in an airtight way. Ventilation is thus an imperative, in order to achieve optimal room hygiene.  Things that have long been standard for new buildings are now being implemented for existing houses through insulation. However, heat recovery devices are also being used in order to prevent the loss of heat during ventilation.

We develop and produce trendsetting moulded parts in the controlled room air conditioning sector based on the revolutionary construction method NOVAplex® and are leading in this field.wohnraumbelueftungsanlage web

Our housing solutions provide an optimal energy balance via the consistent use of EPP moulded parts.  Riveted sheet housings resulting in energy loss as a consequence of tightness issues are not necessary any more, because heat now stays in the room and the cold outside feed air is heated up by the heat exchanger. The energy from the warm exhaust air is retained, with an effectiveness of about 90 percent.

The EPP moulded parts create a new and better base for efficient devices thanks to their great insulation capacity.  This was the reason why a heat recovery device based on EPP inside chassis has already been awarded the 2010 ARPRO Award for "Environmental Performance".