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Energy-absorbent lightness

Every car needs particle foams. The excellent reset behaviour, the energy-absorbent properties, but also the low weight and the concurrent high stability are reasons why the material is of great interest for the many applications in the automobile industry.

The moulded parts are not only used in the exterior but also in the interior.  Impact absorbers, toolboxes, crash pads, seating elements, headrests, trunk inserts, air ducts and many more are built here.

epp teile gitterbox webThey prove their value especially when it comes to weight reduction and the increasingly important decrease of energy consumption and environmental sustainability because EPP has a low weight and is 100 percent recyclable.  The car becomes lighter and at the same time increases its performance, becomes safer and consumes petrol more efficiently.  In addition, the material proves its value when it comes to meeting demands in regards to pedestrian protection and crash management.
New types of finishing processes for surfaces allow the application even in the field of vision.

Additional characteristics:
High thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, good abrasion resistance and resistance against chemicals. Its perfect raw-material cycle makes an especially convincing case – also for the RUCH NOVAPLAST's attitude to the environment.  Everything can be reused with minimal use of resources.