Feedthrough and mountinggruppe feedfix web

The NOVAFeed&Fix®-Series by RUCH NOVAPLAST is based on the production method PVSG® and describes standardized bulkhead receptacles and mounting elements.  During this process, PVSG® standard parts are combined with lightweight composite parts and integrated into functions.

A metric screw-in thread M25 is used as an interface for the equipment variant "metric". In this way integrated and trendsetting possibilities are created, such as pressure-resistant and pressure-tight cable bushings with strain relief and bend protection, sensor receptacles, hose connections, as well as active ventilation or drainage.

Lueftung novafeedfix web2In the area of fixtures, Camlock-Universal Locks, hinge anchor points, vibration absorbers, etc. can be used.  The mounting of additional component groups, such as operating elements, is also possible.  Thus it is possible to assemble sealing systems for cables and sensors, as well as for devices in the areas of heating/climate/ventilation and water collection systems, as well as for condensate dip trays.

This collection procedure represents a far reaching innovation especially in the building technology sector. Tight and insulated feedthroughs and mountings can be implemented in housings, such as for example ventilation devices, through the injected inclusions. This translates into saving time during assembly of the complete devices for our clients and an easier operating process for the installer.