montage1 webUp to the final product that is ready for sale

We do not only develop and produce. On request, we assemble, adjust, set, test and pack – ready for sale!

Creating something new from joined EPP parts – this is our basic idea. In our assembly and packaging centre individual components become entire systems. Be that, for example, in the area of heating/air conditioning/ventilation, in model aeroplanes or assembly parts. Components that require further processing steps become entire systems here through a flow. konfek flieger webMoulded parts made from particle foams are joined through various procedures. Specific benefits and properties of the material remain. Further components are incorporated. As a development and systems partner we thereby complete the tasks of our customers, when they no longer wish to complete these themselves.

We supply model aeroplanes “ready to radio”. They are assembled and stuck together; the servomotors are installed, set and adjusted.

On request, we can also produce ventilation units in-house completely assembled and packed. In combination with our NOVAFeed&Fix®-System, airtight and insulating bushings and fixings are completed.

In the construction department we produce and assemble, for example, external sockets. A particle foam component forms the basis. This is extended and assembled with other components made from other materials.