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Data becomes reality

After completion of the constructive development phase, the latest CAM/CNC technological visual or functional models are being milled over. Furthermore, manually produced samples can be produced through the traditional process in our prototype building.

Mechanical and physical functionality tests can be performed in advance with this prototype that is accurate in every detail. This allows the validation of the 3D data set of the moulded parts and thus secures the consecutive foam tool production, which results in a significantly lower rate of modifications to the serial product. 

Further benefits of our prototypes:

  • quick market launch via prototype pre-series for field testing
  • shorter approval time of your devices because generally most studies are possible via the prototypes
  • our high-quality prototypes can also be used as presentation and fair sample and aid in market analysis
  • the conception and building of assembly workstations with real structural elements is possible
  • small series can also be represented by prototypes