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Various applications

EPS is primarily known as the optimal packaging material. But EPS can do more.

In the construction industry, the high density (300g/l), rot-resistent technical moulded parts made of EPS are used as mounting elements. With their help, add-on parts, such as railings or gutters are attached to the facade of the house without damaging the insulation layer. No thermal bridges are created.

epp teil neu webDue to the resistance to water, EPS insulation applications can also be found in the sanitary sector.

In vehicles EPS impresses with its characteristics such as excellent energy absorption and low weight. Installed in invisible areas, for example steering columns, EPS mouldings serve as crash pad.

In the field of technical mouldings EPP also finds various applications. In the automotive industry, the material scores with its good resilience, for example in the form of crash pads, energy absorbers and toolboxes.

Insulations made of EPP are also applied in heating armatures and pump groups for example. The advantage of the material is a nice surface finish by maintaining the same quality.